Youth Empowerment


Islamabad Women Chamber of Commerce & Industry acknowledges the support and appreciation of Ms. Amna Malik the CEO of Start up Pakistan for women entrepreneurs.
The conference brought together over 20,000 youths from all over the country with an aim to help them develop leadership skills, highlight global issues, understand the challenges and equip young people with the solutions to see them becoming engaged and involved in their local communities for a positive social change.

The purpose of the summit, which comprised technical sessions, job and career fair, an exhibition, Sufi Night and the Young Leaders Awards, was to transform the current environment of negativity in the society mainly by educating the youth of Pakistan through character building and instilling 4Ps purpose, passion, positivity and patriotism in them through the motivational philosophy of Allama Iqbal and strengthening their beliefs in the message of ‘Faith, Unity and Discipline’ as bequeathed by Quaid-i-Azam.