Pakistan, which emerged on the map of the world 70 years ago,  is the largest Muslim country and  the only Islamic nuclear power playing an important role among the comity of nations including United Nations (UN), Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) as well as regional and global organizations/forums.
Pakistan’s foreign policy encompasses a desire for a peaceful, prosperous and stable world.  The country is eyeing at neighboring Afghanistan as a stable state and exhibiting restraint to normalize ever difficult relations with India, expanding existing ties with China to new heights, safeguarding its security and economic interests in the Middle East, Persian Gulf, promoting bilateral relations with US and all the countries across of the world.

With the objective to project the state policies, promoting national interests and building positive image of the country, Center of Pakistan and International Relations (COPAIR), the non-governmental actor, is striving hard to supplement these efforts: COPAIR is committed to promote the economy of Pakistan as a source of enterprise and innovation; furthering its image as a pillar of peace, stability and democracy. COPIR is consolidating commercial and economic cooperation with the international community.

The organization equally voices concern on international conflicts through effective dialogues and sensitizing the world through various means of communication. Be it the Indian atrocities in the occupied Kashmir, the massacre of the Palestinians, large scale killings of the innocent Syrians or the human rights violations elsewhere in the world, COPAIR takes lead in highlighting these issues by hosting seminars, talk shows, Press conferences, propagation in the media and bringing out special issues of Melange International Magazine, a widely circulated magazine among the diplomatic circles, international think tanks and opinion leaders of the world.

Considering economy as a game changer, COPAIR has consolidated its position by establishing trade links and investment forums across the world. Over the years, the organization managed to establish international business forums to enhance trade and attract investments. COPAIR and Melange team extends business consultancy to the national and international investors and industrialists. Trade is the hallmark of the organization owing to its matchless deliverables in a short span of time. The organization has established meaningful interaction with the international missions, industrial and trade bodies, chambers of commerce and industries and trade houses both locally and internationally.

The fragile women who constitute half of Pakistan’s population get equal attention by the COPAIR and Melange. Right from the domestic violations to the episodes of honor killings, COPAIR stands out in extending helping hand to the victims. The organization voices concerns of the victim women and girls at different foras through all available means. It seeks intervention of the government, the law as well as human rights actors for lessening their pain. Under its core value of women empowerment, COPAIR also explores possibilities for the economic well being of this segment through various interventions like E Women, social services, medical assistance and feting the poor women of rural areas. In recognition of its excellent services for the women empowerment, COPAIR has been awarded internationally.

COPAIR and Melange are of the firm belief that Pakistan cannot make any headway without engaging youth. Youth are the agent to change. Considering this idea COPAIR has carried out a number of events to sensitize youth on their national obligations. The organization is implementing the plan to educate youth of the country on peace building, ending sectarianism, promoting religious harmony and inculcating a spirit of moderate citizens of Pakistan and beyond. COPAIR has been able to mobilize youth across the country to play their role in the national development and lend support in the emergency situations like natural and man-made calamities.

COPAIR operations and activities have been strongly linked to the protection of human rights as the life of humans and their progress lies in protection of their rights. COPAIR is advocating for the basic rights of all the citizens through advocacy, training and legal interventions at all levels. It works hands in hand with the concerned authorities for implementation of all the human rights’ conventions and international instruments. The organization is the recipient of the prestigious national award for the outstanding contributions it made for the promotion of human rights.

Message of COPAIR President

As President of the Center of Pakistan and International Relations (COPAIR), I am pleased to present our Annual Report 2016-17. COPAIR’s primary objective is to hold sessions and dialogues for envoys and policy makers in Pakistan, conduct research on Pakistan’s foreign policy, promote economic and industrial linkages for investment both locally and abroad, promoting trade ties, develop alternative perspectives, provide new insights and make policy recommendations to the stakeholders. COPAIR have risen to a significant peak in Pakistan’s policy making process, and has created more influence than what was ever expected. Each year, it continues to move beyond its accomplishments of the previous year.

This past year, compared to previous ones, saw developments that have had striking impacts on a global scale in the context of cementing ties with the world economies and exploring investment ventures, China-Pakistan Economic Corridor  (CPEC), security environment in Pakistan, Europe, Africa and Middle East regions all rose to prominence in our works in 2017. We held regular meetings and exchanged views with our partners from important capitals in 2017. Along with numerous events that it undertook, COPAIR became a stakeholder in brokering multilateral pacts between the national and international actors for development and investment.

COPAIR, besides special supplements on the national days of the countries successfully managed to bring out 12 issues of Melange, a widely circulated international magazine. The magazine is circulated to diplomatic missions, international actors, development partners, national policy makers, industrial tycoons and investors alike. Besides, scholars and researchers prefer to pick the publication from different book stores and vendors. Thanks to the invaluable contributions of our fellow scholars, Melange is becoming a much more cited and credible magazine. In 2017, Melange covered very distinctive volumes on diplomatic activities, women empowerment, echoing voices of youth, fostering economic/investment opportunities and highlighting issues of global interest.

Under the COPAIR umbrella, we continued to promote real estate development, investment in energy sector, industrial mining, foreign investment, trade and industry, establishing business clubs, E-Women, fostering youth development, project management and consultancy. At our round the year programs, COPAIR invited envoys and senior diplomats of different countries to share their experiences, investment opportunities and initiatives for enhancing ties with Pakistan. In 2017, we reached out to more than 12??? Diplomats and investors/corporate partners. The COPAIR President and its team actively participated in 20??? International events centered at international relations, investment and economic forums and initiatives for women empowerment.

All in all, we are always willing to enhance, maintain and diversify our relations with all the countries across the globe, accessible partners, investors and multiple stakeholders. We strongly believe that reaching out to more people and sharing views will help us to shape future policies and enable us all to operate more effectively and in greater cooperation. We are determined to bring the diplomatic community, policy makers and investors together more than ever and make a valuable difference in and contribution to Pakistan’s mutual relationship with the world.

As President of the Center for Pakistan and International Relations (COPAIR), it has been very satisfying for me to see the evolutionary process through which the COPAIR has passed and its emergence as a lead organization of the country, enjoying the goodwill and support of all stakeholders. For this, I am indebted to all the directors and members of the COPAIR who have given so much of their valuable time towards refining the policies and procedures of COPAIR. Coming from diverse backgrounds and experiences, they consistently add new values and dimensions to the COPAIR. It has been rewarding to see how well the policies of the board have been translated into actions by the management team. Their response towards the challenges has been outstanding as is evident from the fact that all targets set by the board of directors have been surpassed.

On this occasion, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the policy makers of Pakistan and the diplomatic corps for their valuable support and to the COPAIR and Melange staff for their contributions.

Sincerely, Amna Malik

COPAIR at a glance

Center of Pakistan and International Relations (COPAIR) is an independent, non-governmental registered organization established in the year 2002. COPAIR is meant to develop Pakistan’s international relations on economic and cultural subjects, enrich and foster the investors, development actors’ intellectual, cultural and personal experiences.

How we are?

Center of Pakistan and International Relations (COPAIR) aims to provide strength to global peace through dialogue and diplomacy by sharing knowledge, research, analysis and policy development in the areas of diplomatic relations, economic-diplomacy, cultural-diplomacy, trade and investment -diplomacy and peace building initiatives. COPAIR eyes at connecting diverse groups of diplomatic corps, experts, researchers, trade bodies, international non-government organizations from across the globe and corporate sector with the sole purpose of creating sustainable peace and progress in countries across the world.

The main objective of the organization is to provide a platform to stakeholders to share ideas, exchange views, experiences, understanding of the issues through innovative research and practices worldwide. The Center institutes international co-operations to realize designated objectives, promote investment to produce international projects and performs China-Pakistan Investment Corridor (CPEC), European Union’s programs such as GPS Plus status to Pakistan, hold trade/investment promotion events in the Middle East, Africa, Canada, United States and other European countries.

What we do?

Center of Pakistan and International Relations (COPAIR) is a think-tank, a research and development center and a consultative body to provide Pakistan’s policy/decision makers with scholarly assessments of relevant issues, and review country’s foreign policy with a futuristic perspective of economy and trade. Humanitarian efforts as well as human rights, empowerment of women and voicing concerns of youth are the core values of COPAIR.

COPAIR conducts research, organizes scholarly events relevant to the ever expanding spectrum of Pakistan’s foreign policy in cooperation with both Pakistani and foreign diplomats, its counterparts from around the world as well as various government agencies and private sector organizations including trade bodies. COPAIR provides consultancy to the development actors and investors as well as economic bodies like Board of Investment (BoI) and chambers of commerce and industry while also establishing international and regional think-tank networks.

COPAIR functions as a forum for holding candid debates and discussions for everyone who is interested in both local and global foreign policy, economy, trade and development issues. Increasingly, COPAIR has become a center of attraction since it successfully brings diplomats, scholars and policy makers together for exchange of ideas in panels, in-house meetings, seminars and other events.

With its commitment to contribution to the body of knowledge and constructive debate particularly in Pakistan’s Foreign Policy, COPAIR will continue to serve as an indispensible think-tank and research center given its role promoting interaction and mutual benefits among the diplomatic circles, INGOs, think-tanks and the broader development and investment community and hence strengthen the human and intellectual capital of Pakistan.

COPAIR has a widening range of media partners along with its widely-circulated publication, Melange, which is a monthly English language magazine that hosts distinguished Pakistani and international scholars within its pages. Melange is unaffiliated with any group or ideology. The publication is devoted to the independent exchange of international affairs, economics views and investment. Through our magazine of COPAIR, we strive to facilitate and enrich our readers’ experience.


Key Strategies

  • COPAIR focuses on these significant parameters for promotion of Pakistan’s relations with the international community:
  • Holding dialogue, in house meetings with the international think tanks, opinion leaders, envoys, policy makers and decision makers to draw their attention and intervention on particular issues.
  • Pushing the policy makers and decision makers for the protection of Human Rights, by activating Parliamentarians and participating in the debates and making voices of the victims heard across the globe.
  • Conducting consultation with national and international experts and trade organizations to attract investment and promote international trade and lure the foreign investors through its forums and chains.
  • Operating investment forums and activating business links with world trade bodies like chambers of commerce and industries in different countries through exchange visits, consultancy and briefing for the potential investors.
  • Conducting research on developmental issues with particular focus on women empowerment, youth development and humanitarian challenges by making interventions with the cooperation of donors and CBOs.
  • Publishing reports on all aspects of international relations, economic cooperation, investment and trade, human rights and COPAIR’s contribution towards their protection and promotion through national and international media chains and Melange, our widely-circulated magazine.
  • Operating a secretariat to support all aspects of the COPAIR and Melange’s works.
  • Liaising with the relevant regional and international organizations.


Crosscutting Themes

Women: Women are the half of our population. To shun them under the boundaries of house mean to put a major chunk of society inactive. To empower women COPAIR commenced various programs especially the E-Women and other welfare-oriented programs.

Youth: Society cannot make any headway without engaging youth. Youth are the agent to change. Considering this idea CSF initiated programs where youth can express their ideas and share them with their elders.

Human Rights: The life of humans and their progress lies in protection of their rights. COPAIR is committed to advocate the basic rights of all the citizens through advocacy, training and legal interventions at all levels.


Chapter. Women

Pakistan is the sixth most populous country in the world having a population of 188 million while the women constitute half of it. Though signatory of major international commitments to gender equality, Pakistan’s ranking for gender equality remains one of the lowest in the world. Besides violence at home, women and girls are facing growing cyber harassment. Violence against women and girls has many faces deeply affecting their physical and emotional well-being.

Women in Pakistan are regularly subjected to violence. Violence against women has been categorized into many crimes including kidnapping, domestic violence, suicide, murder, honor killing, rape, sexual assault, growing incidents of acid throwing and stove burning. Domestic violence is a very common form of violence being faced by many women in the country. Women are even denied the right to vote in many parts of the country. The Constitution of Pakistan guarantees to the citizens of Pakistan a set of fundamental rights and freedoms. It enjoins equality and justice for all, by establishment of a pluralistic society.

Centre of Pakistan and International Relations (COPAIR) with a view to realize gender equality and women’s empowerment took the initiatives that promote women’s rights, with special focus on their economic security, political participation and freedom from violence. COPAIR stands committed in pushing the policy makers for aligning laws and policies of the governments to create a conducive environment for women’s empowerment and human rights.

COPIR in unison with the government policies has been making efforts to check violence against women and translating the concept of women’s economic empowerment. CPAIR, the strong contender for women rights played its role in the passage of the Protection of Women against Violence Bill 2015. During the reported period, COPAIR carried out a number of activities and events with the support and cooperation of policy makers, decision makers, UN Women and local Community Based Organizations (CBOs).


ECO Summit pledges enhanced cooperation

Centre of Pakistan and International Relations (COPAIR), a moving spirit behind the Summit of Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) played its substantive role in the successful organization of the mega event in Islamabad. Prior to the commencement of the ECO Summit, the COPAIR and Melange activated all of its business forums and chains across the world for making the event successful.


COPAIR President visited different countries to persuade the trade leaders to participate in the summit. Keeping in view the importance of the Summit, COPAIR and Melange organized a number of activities to project Summit. The 13th summit of Heads of State and Government of the Member States of the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) resolved to ensure continued and enhanced cooperation in the areas of common interest through effective, timely and result-oriented projects and programs in the Organization.

COPAIR President Amna Malik who contributed immensely towards the organization of the summit, met with the visiting delegations and coordinated their meetings with the trade and investment officials in Pakistan. She also held sidelines meetings with the investors of the participating countries and briefed them on the investment opportunities in Pakistan with special focus on CPEC.

Hectic lobbying by the COPAIR, prompted the ECO Summit that vowed to enhance ECO-wide connectivity in terms of transport and transit; telecommunications; cyber; and all forms of energy; as well as people-to-people exchanges, including through regional tourism arrangements. On the briefing of COPAIR, the visiting delegations welcomed China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) as a far-reaching initiative and termed it as catalyst for the development of the entire region.

The Summit unanimously adopted the Islamabad Declaration 2017 that represents the collective political will of Member States to focus on connectivity of energy, infrastructure, transport, and trade for regional prosperity. Another important outcome of the Summit is ECO Vision 2025 which provides guidelines to the Organization in all spheres of ECO activity.



Pakistan – Portgual ties Growing Fast

Centre for Pakistan and International Relations (COPAIR), a pioneer organization in promoting international relations, has played an important role in enhancing trade ties with Portugal. Amna Malik, the President of COPAIR, hold extensive parleys with the Portugees mission in Islamabad to further the trade ties between the two countries. For making Pakistan-Portugal Business Forum in Lisbon successful, the COPAIR President made sternous efforts and lured the investors to Pakistan.

Since establishment of diplomatic ties between Pakistan and Portugal in early 50s, both countries have been striving for the promotion and strengthening of their relationship. The leadership of both the countries had been making all out efforts to promote the trade and economic cooperation. The bilateral high-level exchanges of delegations played an important role for the trade cooperation. COPAIR played an important role in bringing people and business community of both countries closer to each other. COPAIR remained a moving spirit behind future business to business cooperation as well as political and parliamentary dialogue.

Consequently, today under the dynamic leadership of its President Amna Malik, COPAIR stands firm as a lighthouse to extend consultancy services and guidance for the businessmen and people hailing from other segments of social ladder to start new businesses or steer up the pace of existing business setups on either sides. On the initiative of COPAIR in the recent past, a strong delegation comprising leading businessmen and representatives of companies visited Lisbon and hold meetings with key government officials, trade bodies and Lisbon Chamber of Commerce. These one-on-one consultations under the COPAIR led to the establishment of Pakistan-Portugal Business Forum (PPBF).

A reciprocal visit by Portuguese businessmen took place in January last who held constructive meetings with their counterparts in Pakistan including Minister for Port and Shipping, Kamran Michael, COPAIR President Amna Malik, representatives of the chambers of commerce and lead businessmen of the country. They discussed matters pertaining to promotion of trade ties at length and reached to the conclusion to enhance the trade between the two countries. During the visit, COPAIR and Melange inked Memorandums of Understanding with the Portuguese delegation and follow up on the agreed trade targets is going on with tangible progress.

Feeling the pulse of heightened trade links, the National Assembly has constituted Pakistan-Portugal Parliamentary Friendship Group for cementing ties with the Portuguese Parliament. The friendship group is active for promotion of trade cooperation between parliaments of both the countries. President Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Rauf Alam and COPAIR President Amna Malik jointly led a high-level business delegation to Lisbon recently who met with the officials of Lisbon Ministry of Trade & Industry and other business units of Portugal.

As a result of these efforts, embassies of both the countries in constant touch to enhance the relations with focus on trade. Yet another Portuguese delegation paid a reciprocal visit to Pakistan. After detailed but positive parlays, Melange Design managed to sign a memorandum of Understanding with Lux Design Europe, Another MoU was inked between Info Visa and Pakistan Football League for exchange of youth delegations between both the countries. The visiting delegation attended the inauguration ceremony as well as award ceremony of FPCCI. The delegation also met with the ministers for Finance and Human Rights to explore joint collaboration in areas of interest. The delegation also entered into dialogue with trade bodies including Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Sialkot, Lahore and Karachi chambers of commerce and industries.

In order to boost the trade ties, COPAIR President Amna Malik accompanied ambassadors of Pakistan and Portugal to Lisbon in February for promoting trade and exploring investment opportunities between the two countries. She also spoke to the Portuguese Parliament on bilateral relations and trade. She also held successful parlays with the ruling party in Portugal. Women parliamentarians and the trade officials of Pakistan were also included among the entourage. She also extended invitation to trade authorities in Portugal to visit Pakistan. During the visit she also esigned MoU with a top Fashion House in Lisbon.

The marathon meetings of Amna Malik in Lisbon prompted the traders and industrialists of Portugal to embark on visit to Pakistan. A trade and industry representative group from Portugal not only participated in the annual investment conference. COPAIR and Melange International Magazine are closely working with the leading Portuguese media groups for promotion of trade and bilateral ties between both the countries. COPAIR assisted the Portuguese delegation for having successful meetings with the Governor Sindh, FPCCI President, officials of Jang Group, Habib Bank Limited, Trade Development Authority Pakistan (TDAP) in Karachi. Matters pertaining to Golden Visa Program and cooperation with the shipping industry came under discussion.

In order to add warmth to the existing Pakistan-Portugal relations, COPAIR published a special supplement of Melange to portray the relationship between both the countries. The magazine highlighted the Porugees relationship with Pakistan and well projected its economic and cultural face on the eve of the National Day of Portugal.

Joao Paulo Sabido Costa Charge d’ Affaires, Embassy of Portugal, expressed that relations between Portugal and Pakistan are growing at a faster pace. He divulged that trade ties between the two countries witnessed rise during 2016. He informed that several initiatives were launched by Pakistan Portugal Business Forum in Portugal. He was speaking on the occasion of the National Day of Portugal. Federal Minister for Human Rights Kamran Michel was the chief guest while Amna Malik, President of COPAIR, was a special guest of the ceremony.

The ambassador said there was an awakening in our main economic institutions regarding the potential of Pakistan as a result many business and investment opportunities have been identified. He was of the view that business climate in Pakistan is improving with the opening of the country to the world, as well as with the bettering of the security situation. The China Pakistan Economic Corridor will link China to the Arabian Sea and it will offer enhanced business and investment opportunities to Portuguese companies.

Chapter- International conflicts.

COPAIR echoes aloud against state terrorism in Indian held Kashmir


Being a voice of the victims of human rights and state terrorism, Center of Pakistan & International Relations (COPAIR) echoed aloud against the atrocities being meted out to the innocent people of Indian Held Kashmir. Highlighting the plight of people of the Indian Held Kashmir, COPAIR besides other events published a special issue of its widely-circulated Melange International Magazine to sensitize the world on the issue.


President of COPAIR, Amna Malik, stated that freedom movement in Occupied Kashmir is at its peak while curfews have become a permanent feature after the martyrdom of Bhuranudin Wani and other freedom fighters. Strikes are being called while the Indian forces have slapped economic curbs in a way which made it difficult for the Kashmiris even to get milk for their children and grocery items. She stated that more than 150 Kashmiris have been martyred, more than 1,000 persons including children lost their vision during the last six months. Hurriyat leadership has confined at their homes and thousands of Kashmiri youth have been sent behind the bars under the public safety act.


She said Kashmiri traders are deprived of their livelihoods while their crops have been set ablaze. Violations of the premises and incidents of misconduct with the Kashmiri women at the hands of the Indian troops has become a routine. The Indian army is damaging the costly appliances by ransacking their houses. In the guise of so-called operation on the Israeli pattern attempts are being made to remove the Kashmiri race. Use of chemical weapons is rampant as a result bodies of the martyrs remain unidentifiable. It is pathetic that Indian state terrorism is going on unabated. The international organizations and countries engaged in making the laws for the rights of animals have so far adopted a criminal silence on this situation, she said.

When it is the issue of East Timor their emotional attachment becomes active immediately. But their so-called spirit of protection of human rights never works when the tyranny and barbarism is let loose in Kashmiris.

On the other hand the position is that India is continuously hoodwinking the world and propagating that Pakistan is behind the current Kashmir movement and all the mess is created by it (Pakistan). As a result international institutions and countries who were supposed to help the Kashmiris are asking Pakistan to settle grievances of India and pressurizing patriotic parties from helping the Kashmiris. India is hatching conspiracies to destabilize the Muslim population ratio in Jammu.

Kashmir has been at the heart of a territorial dispute between India and Pakistan since the two nations gained their independence in 1947.

Rising tensions in the region have risked the peace of the South Asian Region and the ongoing conflict might trigger a nuclear war. She urged the United Nations, the US and other powers to play their role in resolving the Kashmir issue else the region will face the consequences of this row.

“The Indian claim that the deteriorating human rights situation in Jammu and Kashmir is an internal affair of India is factually incorrect, legally untenable and in violation of the UN Security Council  (UNSC) resolution, states Melange. Equally false is the Indian narrative that the situation in Jammu and Kashmir is about terrorism.This is a patently desperate attempt to divert the attention of the international community from the grave human rights violations being committed by Indian forces.

Referring to India as an “occupying power”, the Melange that the situation in Jammu and Kashmir about “the tragedy of a people being brutalised… so that they can give up their just struggle for the inherent right to self-determination”. Pakistan is a “recognized party to this internationally-recognized issue” under the UN resolutions. This is contrary to the Indian government’s stand that the J&K issue is an internal matter of the country and that Pakistan has “no locus standi” in the matter.

The right to self-determination is an inalienable right of the Kashmiri people, and the issue is pending final settlement through a free and impartial plebiscite under UN auspices as enunciated in numerous resolutions of the UNSC. “We need to act now on Jammu and Kashmir before it is too late,” states the magazine.



Acting against the human rights violations in Palestine at the hands of Israeli authorities and supporting the just cause of the Palestanian prisoners on hunger strike, the Center of Pakistan and International Relations (COPAIR)  and the Ambassador of the Palestinian Authority to Pakistan organized a joint Press conference at Islamabad Press Conference.

COPAIR called for a more unified Muslim world and a stronger media to counter Israel and its influence. Speaking at the press conference in Islamabad, the ambassador spoke on a  number of issues including the Muslim world in general and Pakistan’s relationship with the  Palestinians and their cause.

The conference, named “Hunger strike for dignity,” highlighted the plight of 1,600 Palestinian prisoners who started their hunger strikes in April. Ambassador Walid Abu Ali along with COPAIR President Amna Malik and many other diplomats expressed support and solidarity with the prisoners, calling for Israel to provide them with basic human rights.

The ambassador said that the “international community is deaf and blind on the suffering of two million people in  Gaza,” and called on Muslim countries as a whole to do more to highlight issues in Palestine and  Israel’s violation of human rights.

Amna Malik emphasized the important role that the countries’ media has to play, citing Israel’s ability to lobby strongly and its wide influence over the media as something that must be countered on an  international level.

The conference and the statements by the ambassador comes amid a wave of international support for the Palestinian prisoners, with a number of protests and rallies having been taken place across the country’s mosques in support for them.

Around 6,500 Palestinians have been detained in Israeli prisons without proper legal procedures or rights.

Members of the media in large number attended the Press Conference. The press conference outlined and updated members of the media regarding the hunger strike launched by Palestinian political prisoners, conditions they face and the Israeli response thus far. The press conference and upcoming solidarity actions with the Palestinian political prisoners is supported by a broad base of Pakistani organizations including COPAIR and Melange.

Over 1500 Palestinian political prisoners have launched an open-ended hunger strike across Israeli jails, detention centers and prisons. The hunger strike has the support of the virtual entirety of Palestinian political organizations as well as civil society bodies. Over the past 50 years, more than 800 000 Palestinians have been imprisoned or detained by Israel. There are currently over 6000 Palestinian political prisoners detained by Israel. More than 500 Palestinians are held under Israel’s “administrative detention”  as well as 13 Palestinian parliamentarians are also currently being held by Israel. There are 28 Palestinian journalists incarcerated in Israeli prisons. Israel is also holding 300 Palestinian children (some as young as 11 years old). In the last one year period Israel has arrested more than 400 Palestinians for social media posts.