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Honour Killing

There are large number manifestations of violence against women across the world. One of them is the Honour Killing. For those who are unfamiliar with it, honor killings are acts of vengeance, usually murder, committed by male members against female members who are held to have brought dishonor upon the family. According to the International Honor Based Violence Research Center, 5,000 honor killings take place throughout the world, with 1,000 each occurring in India and Pakistan alone. This happens to the belief women are men’s property and daughters have to abide by every rule in the code book. If not, they are tarnishing the family’s honor and deserve to die. Our attitude that women are objects, not humans, is wretched. We kill them if they do not listen to us, pour acid on their bodies if they reject us, harass them on the streets if they pass us and then blame them if they.