Human Rights

A synopsis of the current state of Israeli suppression in Palestine

Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip live in an odd and oppressive limbo. They have no nation, no citizenship, and no ultimate power over their own lives. Since 1967, when Israel conquered these areas Palestinians have been living under Israeli military occupation. According to international law, an occupying force is responsible for the protection of the civilian population living under its control. Israel, however, ignores this requirement, routinely committing violations of the Geneva Conventions, a set of principles instituted after World War II to ensure that civilians would “never again” suffer as they had under Nazi occupation. Israel is one of the leading violators of these conventions today. Israeli forces regularly confiscate private land imprison individuals without process, including children and physically abuse them under incarceration; demolish family homes; bulldoze orchards and crops; place entire towns under curfew; destroy shops and businesses; shoot, maim, and kill civilians and Center Of Pakistan And International Relations C~R Palestinians are without power to stop any of it. When a child is arrested often by a group of armed soldiers in the middle of the night, parents can do nothing. Knowing that their son is most likely being beaten by soldiers on the way to the station, stripped and humiliated in prison, quite likely physically abused in multiple additional ways, and destined to be held perhaps in isolation – for days, week, or months (all before a trial has even taken place),parents are without the ability to protect their child. Quite often, in fact, they cannot even visit him. Finally, when the military trial under which their son is to be sentenced often for years and sometimes decades in prison, all they can do is hire a lawyer whose efforts, at best, will reduce the ultimate sentence by a few months. Rarely, if ever, can even the most skilled lawyer do more than afford the child a friendly face in court and be an outside witness to the injustice of the proceedings. Meanwhile, the presence of such a lawyer provides Israel cover for its “judicial system.